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Welcome to Business Coaching for New & Established Therapists


You have completed grad school, passed your licensure exams, started a private practice, but you don't have any clients........

Our programs will teach you foundational concepts to build a private practice so you can stop waiting for clients to find you. Learn how to:

  • Build a practice roadmap based on your vision 
  • Create ethical policies and procedures that are vital to consistent compensation
  • Create a relationship based marketing strategy that works for you
  • Develop evidence based business decision making skills as a new CEO clinician so you can start to grow and scale your practice
  • STOP posting in Facebook groups asking if Psychology Today, a website, and reaching out to doctor's offices is all you need to run a business
  • I've worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. Since I started my private practice, I have successfully scaled my business into a successful brand and added multiple streams of income through counseling ideal clients, speaking, consulting, business coaching, and book sales. 

    Now I use what I've learned to help "new anxious about business clinicians" just like you to create a roadmap for your private practice so that you can create consistent revenue. I’ll show you how to use relationship based marketing to grow your practice and create personal pipelines for years to come! My framework and my curriculum is a repeatable process. Your new clients are waiting for you! Let's get to work!

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New therapists are not taught business courses in graduate school. This means you probably have no clue how to run a private practice. No worries, I'll teach you! 

Relationship Based Marketing is the most effective way for new therapists to build a private practice from the ground up.

  • Not knowing how to create the structure, foundation, and marketing strategy YOU need is stressful.
  • Not having things set up places you, your license, and your clients at risk. (legality)
  • Not being profitable (taking losses) can only happen for so long. (Potential IRS issues)
  • Not being able to create income on demand can create financial stress for your family.

Learn how to confidently build a caseload of ideal clients and create consistent revenue, so that you can stop stressing about money every day and start doing meaningful clinical work.

Student loans won't pay themselves right?

Our Programs Are Perfect for You If

  • You think the only marketing you need is a directory on Psychology Today, a website, and "reaching out" to doctor's offices
  • You are anxious about the business side of private practice
  • You are struggling with a positive mindset about your practice
  • You don't know how to attract ideal clients and where to find them
  • You have self doubt about setting your rates and people actually paying you
  • You often overthink the concept of marketing online & offline
  • You are tired of paying for directories, and not getting any right fit client you can really serve


Our Programs Are NOT for You If

  • You believe you cannot be successful in private practice
  • You are not willing to put in the work that is required over the next 60 days
  • You want a done for your service
  • You want to continue to play it safe and not get out of your comfort zone
  • You are more focused on making money than doing what is in the best interest of your client
  • You think you know everything already and you're not coachable
  • You are not ready to invest in your future for your practice and your family

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CEO Clinician Private Practice Ready Program

8 Week 1:1 or group coaching program to help you setup, structure, and market in 60 days!

*If you're needing a more budget friendly option, grab the course for now, then add coaching later

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VIP Coaching for Established Therapists

This program is perfect for a busy established therapists looking to package their expertise, monetize their skills, scale, and build wealth!

You can choose a VIP Day Intensive or a 3 month package.

If you need help with organization, marketing strategy, personal branding,  and launching, click below to learn more


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Cameisha loves meeting new therapists! During the call you will chat about you, your family, and your goals for your practice. After this Cameisha will share with you ways she can support you in building or scaling your practice.

Submit your application below. Cameisha will review it within 24 hours or less. If your application is approved you will receive an email to book your call. You will pay your deposit or pay in full during your call to secure your spot in the coaching program. There are bonuses included when you pay in full. :

If you have questions you can DM her or email [email protected]

If you are a new therapist your options are

  • Private Practice Ready Course + Coaching 
    • Payment plans available

If you are an established therapist your options are

  • CEO Clinician VIP Program 
    • Payment plans available
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"Cameisha has been such a great help and support as I have learned the behind the scenes of running an effective practice. It can be pretty vulnerable to ask for help and Cameisha provides such a safe space to help you navigate uncertainties"
- Sharita, LPC, Arkansas


“This program is a game-changer”. I highly recommend Cameisha’s services to anyone. The courses and 1:1 sessions were invaluable and has been an asset to my practice”

- Dr. Tina Bethel, LCSW, Virginia


“I chose to work with Cameisha and invest in her coaching services because of her holistic and thorough approach, helping clinicians with every step of business ownership. While other coaches and consultants focus solely on marketing, Cameisha offers a program that focuses on marketing plus ALL the business logistics-- ALL of them. Her coaching program provides a step-by-step blueprint of how to open and operate a successful practice. I appreciate her ability to gently motivate and encourage you to step out and into the world as a proud business owner and clinician. Her program and coaching empowered me to accelerate opening my practice, to press that "publish" button on my website, and to confidently own my skills and market my business."

- Emily Dillon, LCSW, California

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