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Relationship Based Marketing is the most effective way for new therapists to build a private practice from the ground up.

  • Not knowing how to create the structure, foundation, and marketing strategy YOU need is stressful.
  • Not having things set up places you, your license, and your clients at risk. (legality)
  • Not being profitable (taking losses) can only happen for so long. (Potential IRS issues)
  • Not being able to create income on demand can create financial stress for your family.

Learn how to confidently build a caseload of ideal clients and create consistent revenue, so that you can stop stressing about money every day and start doing meaningful clinical work.

Student loans won't pay themselves right?

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Private Practice Ready Course or

Course + Coaching Program

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You have completed grad school, passed your licensure exams, started a private practice, but you don't have any clients........

This 8-week course + coaching program will teach you foundational concepts to build a private practice so you can stop waiting for clients to find you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a practice roadmap based on your vision 
  • Create ethical policies and procedures that are vital to consistent compensation
  • Create a relationship based marketing strategy that works for you
  • Develop evidence based business decision making skills as a new CEO clinician so you could start to grow and scale your practice

What's Included In The Program..


Vision & Mindset

Your private practice roadmap will be your guide for everything you do in your private practice. Learn actionable steps you can take to increase your self confidence and goals  including:

  • Learn what type of practice you want to build and why
  • Learn your specific niche of clients and their struggles
  • Learn how to develop time management strategies as a new CEO

You’ll finish this module with a better understanding of what you need to do and when to do it to create consistent income in your practice.

Watch the video module before your coaching call. Cameisha will help you implement the knowledge into your practice.


Compensation Made Easy

With your new confident mindset and roadmap, the next step is to prepare to be compensated for your services.

  • How to create a budget for your home and your practice
  • How to create policies and procedures for your practice
  • How to use Cameisha's caseload builder and phasing strategy

You’ll finish this module with a plan for your current money and for your future money. Yes you will learn how to confidently set your rates! 

Watch the video module before your coaching call. Cameisha will help you implement the knowledge into your practice.


Technology & Marketing

Relationship based marketing is the most effective way for new therapists to build a private practice from the ground up. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to create personal pipelines to your practice
  • How to create a high touch point visibility plan for your practice
  • How to market with an online and offline presence

You’ll finish this module with a resource list to help you create consistent revenue in your practice without the stress of not knowing where to find clients.

Watch the video module before your coaching call. Cameisha will help you implement the knowledge into your practice.


CEO Leadership

For many, the goal is to just create consistent income. After you create it then what?  You need to strengthen your decision making skills . In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to launch your practice to the public
  • How to make evidence based business decisions
  • How to start to develop a team for your next phase of scaling your practice

You’ll finish this module with a new confident mindset for how to make decisions like the CEO clinician you are!

Watch the video module before your coaching call. Cameisha will help you implement the knowledge into your practice.

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This Program Is For You If...

  • You are anxious about the business side of a solo private practice
  • You are struggling with a positive mindset about your practice
  • You don't know how to attract ideal clients and where to find them
  • You have self doubt about setting your rates and people actually paying you
  • You often overthink the concept of marketing online & offline
  • You are tired of paying for directories, and not getting any new clients
  • If you've been in private practice for a while but you have not been getting referrals and you don't know the foundational marketing strategies to start getting consistent inquiries

Private Practice Ready

Course + Coaching

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If you pay in full you will get access to the Bonus Suite Toolkit

Bonus Suite Toolkit Includes 5 Part Business  Legacy Mindset Training from Cameisha &  Identity Led Branding Training from a Website Designer Total Value $1997, Gifted to You for Free


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1:1 Private Coaching for 8 Weeks Paid in Full

FAQs About the Program

Check out the list of frequently asked questions. Private Practice Ready (PPR) is an 8 week program. Which means you will receive the 4 module course + 4 coaching sessions. 

Week 1 Module 1 Course Work 

Week 2 Module 1 Coaching Call

(Then you repeat this format for the entire 8 weeks) 

By the end of week 8 you'll be Private Practice Ready!

Time Commitment-I recommend 1 hour per day to focus on building your practice

Click on each question below to see the answer 

"Cameisha has been such a great help and support as I have learned the behind the scenes of running an effective practice. It can be pretty vulnerable to ask for help and Cameisha provides such a safe space to help you navigate uncertainties"
- Sharita, LPC, Arkansas

“This program is a game-changer”. I highly recommend Cameisha’s services to anyone. The courses and 1:1 sessions were invaluable and has been an asset to my practice”

- Dr. Tina Bethel, LCSW, Virginia

“I hired Cameisha to help me launch my private practice. Best investment in my business so far”

-Anjanette LCSW, Michigan

Hey there! I'm Cameisha Brewer Dickerson Ed.S, LPC

After graduating with my MS & Ed.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I was hit with over 120K in student loan debt. Soon after, my cash car from college finally quit. I started working for an agency making 50k and I barely survived. But with smart business decisions, hustle, patience and a ton of faith in God I was full time private practice within a year of being fully licensed and well on my way to early retirement from my own practice.

I've worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. Since I started my private practice, I have successfully scaled my business into a successful brand and added multiple streams of income through counseling ideal clients, speaking, consulting, business coaching, and book sales. 

Now I use what I've learned to help "new anxious about business clinicians" just like you to create a roadmap for your private practice so that you can create consistent revenue. I’ll show you how to use relationship based marketing to grow your practice and create personal pipelines for years to come! My framework and my curriculum is a repeatable process. Your new clients are waiting for you! Let's get to work!


No more wasting time

Learn the formula to building a private practice as a business owner

  • Earn more than what you are making at your agency while working 20 hours less
  • You can create your own benefits with health insurance, retirement, and other investments
  • No more asking for PTO or not having a reliable clinician to cover for you
  • Attract ideal clients that bring you energy when you see their names on your schedule
  • You can choose to stay at your agency and build up your practice to the point where it is costing you money to not be full time in your practice!

Yes, It Really Is Possible for YOU to Build a Thriving Practice!

In the Private Practice Ready Coaching Program you will learn how to overcome the fear of being a business owner and start building the practice you always dreamed of!


In The Next 3-6 Months, You Could…

  • Finally have extra money to save toward buying a new car
  • Finally be able to take vacation without worrying about drowning in paperwork when you get back
  • Finally take a 90 minute lunch where you can eat and relax before seeing your next client
  • Finally get the business help you need to create consistent revenue in your practice
  • Finally get to start doing meaningful clinical work with ideal clients EVERY DAY!
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