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Episode #133 Using Your Voice with Difficult Supervisors w/ Samantha Newton

Samantha Newton joins us to talk about how to be mentally healthy as a practicing clinician. We talked about her transition into private practice, and her path to planning and getting the practice to where she wanted it to be. Samantha shared an uncomfortable situation she encountered as an intern and how she used her voice to have difficult conversations with supervisors and how to move past this in her career. Enjoy the episode! Cameisha . . .

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BIO: Samantha Newton LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker living in Charlotte, N.C. She owns The Therapy Suite PLLC, a private pay virtual therapy practice. She loves working with high achieving clients who are experiencing anxiety and self esteem issues. Samantha has a passion for working with new clinicians and supports them through her YouTube Channel “The Keys to Therapy” and her Facebook Group “Support for New Clinicians: Connect and Thrive”. She believes in paying it forward and helping all clinicians succeed in building their dream careers, while achieving the work/life balance they’ve always wanted. Samantha also offers business coaching to therapists looking to grow and/or streamline their practices. In her free time, Samantha is an avid tv watcher and loves a good binge watch. She likes spending time with her two rescue dogs, going to brunch with friends, and trying out new bakeries.

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