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Episode #118 3 Day Challenge & Marketing Tips

Marketing is critical in private practice. I know you know this because it’s everywhere. It’s all over social media. It’s all over the internet. Market like this. Try this checklist. It’s a never-ending list of things that, more often than not, leave you struggling to make any clear progress in any direction. The good news is marketing can be taught! There are people entering this job field every year. You may be thinking, “Yeah, but I’m not a marketer. Cameisha, I’m a therapist. I’m a counselor. I’m a clinician.” I get that, but I also know that I spent 4 years learning what to do and what not to do, and now I’m teaching new therapists in private practice how to start and run a successful practice in 60 days, so join me on the episode to hear some of my snapshot points about marketing in your practice! Listen now or download the episode for later on Apple, Google, Spotify, & YouTube

. Enjoy the episode! Cameisha . .


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