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Episode #116 Private Practice From an Anxious Perspective

It is way more fun to learn about marketing, casework, helping clients, and even accounting! Anxiety is not the highlight of the day. I speak from first-hand experience. I wasted so many years in launching my practice because I was acting out of fear and regret and anxiety. Looking back, so many of my decisions were influenced by anxiety. I can’t say there are days that I don’t feel anxious, but I definitely say that I learned how to work through my anxiety to be the CEO Clinician I was meant to be. I don’t want to add to your anxiety, but I need you to know, no matter where you are in your career, you have to be careful in your opportunities and decisions. This was a huge learning curve for me as I was underpaid, seeing the wrong clients, and losing my joy in being a clinician. All of this and more is why I became a business coach for new therapists in private practice. Listen now or download the episode for later on Apple, Google, Spotify, & YouTube.

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