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Episode # 115 Having Fun in Private Practice

Your private practice becomes what you focus on! Have you realized that? If you focus on taxes, you think of your private practice in terms of that. If you’re stressed about your private practice, it becomes stressful. In all of this, you miss the fun stuff! No one wants that. This was a big reason why I left the large company, cookie-cutter approach for therapists. I was so tired of losing what makes clinical work a joy! I wanted to run a practice my way in an ethical environment that fought for my clients and really wanted to see people better themselves. All of this work made me better as a therapist, as a CEO Clinician, and as a business coach for new therapists in private practice, and I found my joy in private practice again! Listen now or download the episode for later on Apple, Google, Spotify, & YouTube. Enjoy the episode! Cameisha . . . Free 30-Minute Training for New Therapists: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Business Coaching: Book Cameisha to Speak: