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Episode #111 How to Build a Private Practice in 60 Days

I walked a long road to build my private practice. It took years for me to slowly acquire the confidence and the knowledge to know what I was supposed to do and what I needed to do next. I had a dream but no plan. I didn’t have a business coach. I didn’t have the business knowledge. I was a licensed clinician with no business experience, and I was winging it. I built my business and increased my caseload by focusing on the business side of my private practice. It revolutionized the way I did business and approached my business, transforming it into a profitable, successful business that better supported my family’s needs while meeting my schedule’s needs. In my coaching program, I teach clinicians in phases how to build their private practice using these topics: Vision and mindset Forms and documents Market and communicate Leadership in business While some choose to build alone, the people who see results are those who are willing to listen, learn, and be coached. I teach therapists to build the private practice of their dreams just like how I built mine. The material is ready, and I know it works. If you want more direct guidance from a coach who understands you and wants to help you build your private practice and succeed, visit to learn more about the coaching program and subscribe to The CEO Clinician Podcast. Free 30 Minute Training for New Therapists Schedule a Free Coffee Date and Learn About Our Coaching Programs