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Episode #110 How to Build a 6 Figure Practice

Episode 110: How to Build a 6 Figure Private Practice 

The difference between 5 figures and 6 figures is only $1.

However you feel about money and success in your private practice, many of us have goals for our practices, even if they’re unwritten. Talking mindset and perspective, most educated adults have made 6 figures. Does it matter how long it took to get there? Have we made this figure the standard of our success? What would 6 figures do for you? Does it matter? I’m more concerned with how you’re using the money you have made. How have you been able to change lives? Tying back to some previous episodes, how are you demonstrating good stewardship? My goal as a private practice owner and private practice coach is not to teach you how to scratch and claw your way to the top. I want you to demonstrate ethics and morals and generate success through your ability to market yourself and your services and how you help people change their lives. Join me on this episode as we talk about mindset, money, success, and where you are right now. . . .

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