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Episode #109 Insurance vs. Private Pay

Episode 109: Insurance vs. Private Pay

To kickstart the month of May, we need to talk about insurance vs. private pay. I appreciate everyone who has reached out with questions about this topic, so let’s get started. 

A couple of quick episode highlights:

  • Even though the majority may recommend going the private pay route, it doesn’t matter. Your business is managed by you, not them.
  • I operate in the middle as a hybrid practice after experience in both types of practices. There are pros and cons for both. Your preference matters.
  • Don’t be afraid of choosing insurance because they audit. Do your notes. Stay up to date on your paperwork. Y’all may not like me for this, but many therapists need this accountability.

Join us on this episode as we talk through the pros and cons of insurance vs. private pay. Your practice is your business, and I want you to build a practice that works for you and your family and your schedule.

You’re one episode closer to better understanding the inner workings of private practice. Listen now or download to listen later.

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