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Episode #108 Principle of Cash Flow

Cash flow - (noun); a business term that frightens new therapists in private practice because they were taught how to be therapists, not CEOs While the title gives a connotation of a cold business meeting, this episode is completely the opposite. This episode is going deeper into my personal life than any of the last episodes that we have released for The CEO Clinician Podcast. When I think of people, and when I think of cash flow, I think of stewardship. A big part of my journey of building a private practice has been stewardship, being smart with my money and resources and pouring it into the right avenues to help others reach others and make a difference in the world. Everything I do is to help people in society get the mental help that they need. I do this through my book sales, my coaching programs, my free training sessions to teach and equip therapists how to be successful in their private practices to reach their target clients and niches, so we can work together to change the world. I have to be a good steward of the people in my life, the therapists who work with me, the resources that I use, and the resources that I have to be who I need to be to encourage and help you become who you need to be to change the world. I care about people and want to take care of my clients. I don’t exploit. It goes against everything that I believe in and live for. My team and I approach people as people who we can help steward as we change the world. Thank you all for listening, Cameisha

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