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Episode # 105 How to Market and Lead Your Private Practice

Leadership is something that new therapists delay because they think checklists and the “urgent-feeling” marketing decisions should take precedence over knowing how to be the CEO therapist that your business and clients need you to be. It’s all about balance. As therapists, we have to know how to market our practice, and we have to know how to lead our practice. It feels like a lot of work, a ton of pressure, something unattainable. We are bold therapists with big dreams of changing our client’s lives, but those big dreams feel small when we become overwhelmed with so many decisions. You have to know the clients you help. You have to know your “I help” statement before you have a potential client or referral ask what you do because they don’t want to know all of your technical credentials. They want to know who you are as a private practice owner. That’s how they measure your offer as a therapist. It’s overwhelming, but this is something that shouldn’t be neglected in favor of spending your time working on social media strategies or searching online for the latest and greatest checklist to “successfully” launch your private practice in less than seven days. This is a big process, and you need to make sure you do it right to reach your ideal client. If you’re interested in coaching with Cameisha, visit to read about our programs and schedule a free call. ... You can learn more about the free day training at