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Episode #104 How to Setup & Structure Your Private Practice

“Full transparency, all of us have not done something right in our private practice.” New therapists aren’t perfect. Seasoned therapists aren’t perfect. In this profession, we are constantly learning, and as a CEO clinician, you are constantly learning more about the business side of your private practice as you move and grow. Online there are tons of resources for private practice setups. Often, they give you an initial checklist, but you have no further instructions and no clue what to do with this initial information. We have a diligence as private practice owners to minimize as much risk as possible in our practice, which means we are responsible for properly establishing your private practice Don’t let your anxiety about documentation and checklists and formatting and marketing keep you from pursuing your goals. You have this on your heart for a reason. Anticipate the expenses. Set time aside to research resources available to you. We want your private practice to be profitable. You’re not able to earn an income if your private practice is not profitable. We want you to learn how to confidently start and run your private practice to be successful and earn your income to build your and your family’s prosperity. Your private practice impacts everyone in your life, and if your setup is not compatible with your life and responsibilities, it will never be successful long term. You have to find the balance, and we’re talking about why this balance is important. If you’re interested in coaching with Cameisha visit to read about our programs and schedule a free call. You can learn more about the free day training March 27-29 at 6pm cst at