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Episode #103 Professionalism vs. Authenticity as a New Therapist

“I’m just being authentic.” How many times have I heard that? And on most occasions, the person is just being extremely bold or rude and justifying their words or actions by saying they’re, “just being authentic.” In full transparency, though, it can be tricky to navigate. Where is the line that separates being honest because you’re trying to help and being honest because it makes you feel good to exert your opinion? The way you present yourself influences your practice’s reception. If you present yourself as authentic, you may not be presenting yourself in the professional manner that will attract sustainable clients. Especially in the beginning years of your practice, you shouldn’t be sacrificing your authenticity but you most definitely shouldn’t be sacrificing your professional personality. Prospective clients judge your practice based on the fraction of you that they see in a touch point of your practice.

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