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Episode #102 CEO Clinician Challenge (Marketing Strategy)

*EARLY EPISODE RELEASE* Hey there new therapists! It's Challenge Day! Over the next 3 nights I will be teaching a FREE live training on How to Market Your Private Practice As a New Therapist. It's going to be soooo good! I literally cannot wait! I want to invite you to my FREE 3 Day challenge as my special guest. For 3 days I will be teaching you how to market as a new therapist. You can even ask me questions! Crazy right?! Click this link to register for the challenge,

After you register you will be directed to join The CEO Clinician Community with other new therapists who are also learning how to market! You are not alone. My team and I are here to help. Listen to this week's episode and grab your seat at the 3 Day Challenge! I'll see you soon

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