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Hey therapist! Are you ready to package your expertise, monetize your skills, scale, and build wealth?

If you are visiting this page it means that your practice is full or almost full, you're making money, but you are on the path to burn out because you don't know how to sustain your income, but remove yourself from 1:1 direct care. The VIP Coaching Program was created for you! You will learn how to protect the income you have created and set yourself up to build wealth for the future. You will learn more in depth about mindset, money, sales, marketing, and leadership. I will show you how I packaged my expertise and used my private practice income to pay off over 20k worth of debt!

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Build Wealth & Thrive As a Therapist


The Problem.....

There is a brand new world that opens up after therapists are able to fill their caseload. There are more expenses, more challenges, more opportunities, and a newly formed perfect recipe for burnout and decision fatigue. Continuing down this path is mentally unhealthy and places you, your clients, and your license at risk. Do any of the following statements resonate with you?

  • "I'm just not good at numbers"
  • "I don't know how much to put aside for taxes"
  • "I think I need a CPA at this point, but I don't even know what to look for"
  • "I want to hire someone to help me because I'm overwhelmed and I can't take anymore clients, but wait how do I hire?"
  • "I still don't feel like I know what I'm doing in my practice"
  • "I'm working really hard and I feel like things should be easier at this point"
  • "I don't feel like I have enough time to myself because I'm working in the practice and on the practice."
  • "I need to get organized, I just feel like I'm all over the place."
  • "I'm ready to make more money but I don't know how"
  • "I'm afraid people won't buy from me"
  • "Insert your challenge here ____________"


The Solution.......

On demand library of trainings + 1:1 coaching to help you package your expertise, monetize your skillset, and build wealth as a mental health therapist.

  • You will receive access to over 25+ high value trainings to help you create brand awareness and package your expertise (only watch what you need)
  • More trainings will be added to the vault throughout the year if you choose to continue
  • Replay access to exclusive trainings with guest experts and  coaching calls to help you scale your practice
  • Ask your questions live and get direct feedback during your 1:1 calls
  • Business development coaching with Cameisha

Even though you have been able to build your practice, if you don't learn key skills and strategies to generate sales through leveraging your expertise you will be forever tied to 1:1 care. Let's buy your time back and increase your income!

In this coaching program, you'll learn the 4 foundational principles to help you develop as the leader and CEO of your private practice as you scale.



Your thoughts will lead your practice and future business decisions. If you do not believe that you can scale your practice and through leveraging your skills. You will stay stuck with your journal full of ideas. Cameisha will coach you and on how to get organized with what you want to create over the next 6 months and develop a mindset to scale and prepare for the line up of guest experts.


Creating a healthy relationship with money and increasing your confidence will help you to price your products and services in a way that aligns with the lifestyle you want to build and SELL! You need a plan for managing the money you have made at home and in your business so you can keep you profit margins high and maintain your lifestyle. 


Marketing to scale is very different from the initial marketing you do to fill your caseload. Now you will need to learn the messaging, strategy, and positioning that makes your prospects want to hire you or purchase your products. You will learn about sales for speaking, coaching, consulting, groups, selling an online courses etc. 


Movement is the momentum that happens when you have been doing the work to build your business and doors start opening. We need to get you and your business ready to walk through your next opportunity door. You will learn more about branding, positioning, pitching, partnerships, collaborations in your local area and online. 


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Hey there! I'm Cameisha Brewer Dickerson Ed.S, LPC

After graduating with my MS & Ed.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling I was hit with over 120K in student loan debt. Soon after, my cash car from college finally quit. I started working for an agency making 50k and I barely survived. But with smart business decisions, hustle, patience and a ton of faith in God I was full time private practice within a year of being fully licensed and well on my way to early retirement from my own practice.

I've worked in the mental health field for over 10 years. Since I started my private practice, I have successfully scaled my business into a successful brand and added multiple streams of income through counseling ideal clients, speaking, consulting, business coaching, and book sales. 

Now I use what I've learned to help "new anxious about business clinicians" just like you to create a roadmap for your private practice so that you can create consistent revenue. I’ll show you how to use relationship based marketing to grow your practice and create personal pipelines for years to come! My framework and my curriculum is a repeatable process. Your new clients are waiting for you! Let's get to work!

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3 Hour Intensive on Logistics for Your Launch

  • Complete the pre-work before your  VIP Day
  • 3 hour deep dive into launching your new offer 
  • 14 day access to the Vault Library of Trainings
  • Live audits on your work, content & strategy
  • *VIP days are only available if you already have a program or product created and you're ready to launch

Paid in Full


3 Month Commitment, Saves You $500

  • 6 Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • Access to Vault Library of Trainings for 90 Days
  • Live Audits on your work, content, and strategy
  • Creation of your curriculum and signature program
  • Logistics for launching your offer

Payment Plan


3 Month Commitment, 3 Monthly Payments of $2500

  • 6 Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Access to Vault Library of Trainings for 90 Days 
  • Live Audits on Work, Content, & Strategy
  • Creation of your curriculum and signature program
  • Logistics for launching your offer

 Non- Refundable Program

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your program let us know immediately so we can address your concerns while you're still in the program. You will get the results that you create. The success of your practice is completely up to you. We are here to help you on your journey!

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